Writing in the Sciences

Scientific writing should be simple and clear.

20 key rules for better writing:

  1. Write in parallel ways
  2. Keep related words together
  3. Use prepositions with care
  4. Distinguish “which” from “that”
  5. Avoid surplus nouns
  6. Avoid noun and modifier strings
  7. Use pronouns with care
  8. Avoid slang
  9. Be gender neutral
  10. Be specific
  11. Avoid clich├ęs
  12. Place modifiers carefully
  13. Avoid unnecessary qualification
  14. Use contractions
  15. Be concise
  16. Avoid foreign words
  17. Capitalize properly
  18. Abbreviate with care
  19. Write numbers consistently
  20. Ignore some odd rules
The detail of this rules can be found here.

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